​​​Officers and Directors

Bill Hickok ,Westminster, VT   Pres          802-579-8471       billhickok@gmail.com

Danielle Madison, New Haven, VT  VP   802-349-9016       madisonsmastiffs@gmail.com 
Charles Palmer, Danville, VT    Tres        802-535-9855,      

Brent Gadapee, Danville, VT     Sec           802-473-0663       bgadapee@live.com
Michael Stoddard, Brookfield, VT            774-232-8426        
Rocky Bunnell, Monroe, NH                     802-777-2492        gailrockyb@myfairpoint.net
Buddy Lapierre, Barnet, VT                      802-274-6460       

​Mark Green, Perkinsville, VT                   802-263-5307        madbgreen@comcast.net

Dick Terk , East Middlebury, VT              802 343-4911         dick.terk@engelberth.com
Scott Pulling, Vergennes, VT                     802 349-0703        sctr1977@hotmail.com

Greg Butler, Bridport, VT                           802-238-2399       Mcgregorbutler2013@gmail.com

Patrick Clark,  Brandon, VT  05733         802-989-9891        pc05753@gmail.com  

If you have questions, you are welcome to email us through the website.  However, the inbox to this account is only checked once a day.  If you would like a response sooner, please feel free to email any of the officers or directors, their contact information is listed below.  

523 Westminster West Rd, Putney, Vt  05346

(802) 579-8471