523 Westminster West Rd, Putney, Vt  05346

(802) 579-8471 

If you have questions, you are welcome to email us through the website or please feel free to email any of the officers or directors, their contact information is listed below.  

Our website will be under construction for the next few weeks, as a result not all features will be available.  We look forward to a new and greatly improved site.  Return for updates! Thank you for your patience.

​​​Officers and Directors

Bill Hickok ,Westminster, VT   Pres          802-579-8471       billhickok@gmail.com

Danielle Madison, New Haven, VT  VP   802-349-9016       madisonsmastiffs@gmail.com 
Charles Palmer, Danville, VT    Tres        802-535-9855,      

Brent Gadapee, Danville, VT     Sec           802-473-0663       bgadapee@live.com
Michael Stoddard, Brookfield, VT            774-232-8426        
Rocky Bunnell, Monroe, NH                     802-777-2492        gailrockyb@myfairpoint.net
Buddy Lapierre, Barnet, VT                      802-274-6460       

​Mark Green, Perkinsville, VT                   802-263-5307        madbgreen@comcast.net

Dick Terk , East Middlebury, VT              802 343-4911         dick.terk@engelberth.com
Scott Pulling, Vergennes, VT                     802 349-0703        sctr1977@hotmail.com

Greg Butler, Bridport, VT                           802-238-2399       Mcgregorbutler2013@gmail.com

Patrick Clark,  Brandon, VT  05733         802-989-9891        pc05753@gmail.com