West Central Chapter

The West Central Chapter would like to thank our sponsors and Donor Businesses

   Richard Warner - President                                (802) 388-6094                                           Does not have e-mail
   Dick Terk - Director                                             (802) 343-4911                                   dick.terk@engelberth.com

   Scott Pulling - Director                                        (802) 349-0703                                        sctr1977@hotmail.com
   Stephen Ploof - Vice President and Treasurer    (802) 388-2899                                          pas5269@yahoo.com
   Scott Bougor - Vice President                             (802) 989-7599                                      scott_1184@yahoo.com
   Frank Simons - Vice President and Secretary     (802)-388-0454                                 fsimons@ppi-timezero.com


​Snow Ball 3-D Shoot, Feb. 23-24 C & S Hunting Supply, Alternative dates March 2-3

All Of our meetings are Held at C&S Hunting Supplies 76 School House Hill Road Middlebury, Vermont 05753.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings. Meeting dates are subject to change because of other commitments that the Team Members may have. If so you will receive notice ahead of the meeting and the reschedule date.

523 Westminster West Rd, Putney, Vt  05346

(802) 579-8471