1. Unite Vermont bowhunters with a common cause so that our voice will be heard. 
2. Present our membership’s positions on hunting and conservation issues to the  Fish & Wildlife Board, Fish & Wildlife Department, and Legislators.  
3. Support efforts to increase opportunities for bowhunters to hunt on public and private lands.
4. Educate hunters and the general public on the values of bowhunting and the important role it plays in conservation and game management.
5. Educate bowhunters by sponsoring and promoting Bowhunter Education Classes.
6. Share with others the experience, knowledge, and skills gained through application of proper shooting skills and hunting practices. 
7. Practice good sportsmanship, good hunting ethics, and safe hunting practices.
8. Provide opportunities for bowhunters to meet and share experiences.
9. Be a single source for information that is bowhunting and archery related.

 The Vermont Bowhunters working together for better Bowhunting.

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​Mission Statement

The Mission of the Vermont Bowhunters Association is to unite the Bowhunters of Vermont and to use their collective strength to work on behalf of current and future generations of Bowhunters, and to foster, protect, and preserve the sport of bowhunting and archery.


523 Westminster West Rd, Putney, Vt  05346

(802) 579-8471